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Glendale Makes Sandbags and Sand Available Before Rains

The City of Glendale makes sandbags and sand available to residents.

Ten free unfilled sandbags are available to residents during normal business hours at the following locations:

Public Works Yard @ 541 W. Chevy Chase Dr.

Integrated Waste Management Yard @ 548 W. Chevy Chase Dr.

Residents are advised to bring shovels to fill sandbags. Buckets will be available to help residents fill sandbags. Residents may pick up sand from the following locations:

Dunsmore Park @ 4700 Dunsmore Ave.

Brand Park @ 1601 W. Mountain St.

Fire Station 23/Chevy Chase Library parking lot @ 3303 E. Chevy Chase Dr.

Follow the steps in the guide below to properly fill a sandbag.


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