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How to Prevent Runaway Trash Cans

Past heavy rainfalls have resulted in flooding, traffic congestion, and according to reports, runaway trash cans. Buoyed by excess water generated from flash flooding, trash cans have been floating down streets across Los Angeles for hundreds of feet at a time.

Here are some easy tips to prevent your trash can from floating away:

1. Place your bin on top of the curb so that it’s not in the drainage area and it won’t get swept away.

2. Place your bin roughly three feet away from the curb into the street away from the storm drain.

3. If you only have a small amount of trash, recyclables or green waste, don’t put your cans out during a storm and keep them safe while keeping from becoming a part of the problem.

Although it's the resident’s responsibility to retrieve their respective bins, we will return it by its assigned number if we find it. If your bin runs away and you need additional information, call one of the number below:




The cities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena are working together to provide important safety and emergency preparedness information to help the public prepare for an emergency of any kind. If we all stay ready, we don't have to get ready!


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